Enlarge Who else is in Warbringer right now? Honestly we're not sure.

Listen to a Minute of a New Warbringer Song


Since Warbringer’s last album — 2013’s IV: Empires Collapseguitarist John Laux and drummer Carlos Ruiz quit the band. Bassist Ben Mottsman later quit too, but Ruiz has since rejoined. With remaining members John Kevill and Adam Carroll (who himself left in 2012 and came back in 2014!), that means 3/5ths of the lineup that recorded that album will be playing on the band’s next, Woe to the Vanquished. I think? Is anyone following?

In any case, the band’s released a one-minute snippet of a new song called “Silhouettes” and it pretty much still sounds like the Warbringer of old, member changes be damned. Perhaps that means that Kevill and Carroll are the songwriting axis of this group, or perhaps it just means the Warbringer sound is, at this point, easy to replicate (see also: the constantly shifting lineup of Soilwork). Whatever the case: the song is thrashin’ and rippin’, no surprise, so if you’re a fan of these guys you’re sure to dig it.

Woe to the Vanquished comes out March 31st on the band’s new label, Napalm Records.

[via The PRP]

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