Video: Brian Storm Trolls Martin Shkreli on Facebook Live


MetalSucks’ own Brian Storm found himself in a live flame war last night with Martin Shkreli, the hedge-fund manager turned pharmaceutical executive who price gouged a 62-year-old medication used to treat infections (often in HIV positive and cancer patients) by raising its price from $13.50 to $750 a dose overnight. Shkreli, of course, endeared himself to the music community this past fall by promising to release unheard music by Nirvana, Wu-Tang Clan and The Beatles if Donald Trump were elected President, and then completely flaked on that promise. Shkreli also financed Collect Records, a label operated by Thursday’s Geoff Rickly (which Rickly has since abandoned) that was home to Creepoid, Wax Idols and other post-punk bands.

Shkreli was banned from Twitter two days ago after harassing a female journalist. Since then he’s taken a liking to Facebook’s live video streaming feature, which gives him the instant validation he so desperately craves.

And that’s where Brian Storm comes in. After Shkreli posted his phone number during a livestream — and then thought better of it and deleted it — Storm called him up during one of his broadcasts, first asking him what his favorite metal band is, then laying it on thick with a wrestling character-like trash talk rant. Shkreli doesn’t seem rattled as much as annoyed, both at his own stupidity for posting his phone number and that some Internet weirdo is taking the time to harass him. But the results are pretty hilarious. Watch both videos below.

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