An Evening At Red Lobster Is No Small Affair


Everyone knows that an evening at Red Lobster is no small affair. I press my jeans, put on my finest hair product, and drench myself in a musky cologne. Hell, I may even shine up my wing tipped shoes, for I am going to Red Lobster. I strut through the door with my finest lady on my arm and throw up two fingers to the Hostess. I glide past the lobster tank with ease knowing that yet again I will not be eating a red lobster at Red Lobster (who would). I take a seat and before the waiter asks us for our drinks I request 20 cheddar bay biscuits. It’s such a bold move that music stops, glasses clink, and everyone in a 5 yard radius gasps in disbelief/shock. Even my company gives me a look of concern. The waiter says ” s..sir are you sure?”. I don’t sweat one bit and I tell that waiter to step and make with the cbb’s. he comes back with three baskets filled with biscuits (7 in 2 and 6 in another). I thank the waiter. Then I go straight baller!!!! I’m pounding biszcuits left and right. Smashing them in old dudes faces, rubbing them between my ladies titties, telling the waiter to fuck off. I cause a ruckus, only get cbb’s, don’t pay a dime, and leave with my girl plus three more.That’s generally what happens every time I go to Red Lobster, I’ve gotten banned from 33 locations.

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