The Real Special Thank You


So here we are. The end of my Metalsucks journey. It’s been a beautiful time. Years in the making really. I’ve seen this contest come and pass 7 times now. Every time I say “what if it was me.” I wonder “what do I have to say, what are my opinions on metal, music, tits, cocaine.” The truth of it all is none of that matters. All that matters in life is laughter having a good time, metal, tits, music, cocaine, and a few other things(I’m joking about the cocaine, don’t fuckin do cocaine you idiot). So I hope you all did some coke, laughed and had a good time today.

I want to thank everyone at Metalsucks for the opportunity to invade your metal blog. Axl, Vince, the rest of the staff that I don’t know about. I’ve been a long time reader and I enjoy your work. Metal is the best genre of music in the world and you guys are spreading the work of great artists, and finding new fans for metal bands every day. For that we all owe you as we’ve all used this blog to find some great music. You do an amazing service for the genre of Metal, something that you and all your readers have a very sexual passion for.

It’s been an incredible time for me. I hope that you as readers have enjoyed it. Just remember that it’s always 4:20 somewhere and I am sincerely sorry for all the typos.

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