Sportscaster Rich Eisen Dressed Up as Steel Panther’s Lexxi Foxx On-Air


If you’re one of those fantasy football obsessives, good on you. It seems like fun, but it also seems like such a time-suck, and I’ve never been able to commit. Blocking out seven hours per weekend for dedicated football watching (University of Michigan and The Jets) is already challenging enough whatwith my busy schedule of constantly combing the interwebs for the latest metal gossip, and you want I should spend even more time thinking about a sport that covers up its inherent dangers and gives domestic abusers a pass?

Sportcaster Rich Eisen plays in a fantasy league with the members of Alice in Chains, and apparently lost a bet of some kind with AiC guitarist Jerry Cantrell. If Cantrell lost he would’ve had to sing a song of Rich’s choosing on air, and if Eisen lost he had to host his show dressed up as Steel Panther bassist Lexxi Foxx.

Eisen lost. And he was incredible sport about it! Not only did he don Foxx’s outfit, but he went the extra mile by painting his nails and wearing some rings, bracelets and real tour laminates given to him by Cantrell.

Below, watch some of the show itself, and some entertaining footage of Eisen venturing out in public to get coffee in Foxx’s full regalia.

I’m thinking we need to set up some kind of bet between MS Mansion personnel: perhaps if I lose, I walk the streets of NY dressed as Batman and if Axl loses he has to go out in a full baseball uniform. What bet should we make?

[via Metal Insider]

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