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Tony Iommi on the Time Donald Trump Came to See Black Sabbath

  • Axl Rosenberg

Black Sabbath are just one of every A-list artist that won’t be performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday. Which is not to say that Trump wouldn’t have liked to have the seminal British band at his big party — and not just because he’s been so desperate to have any band of note at his big party.

To hear Tony Iommi tell it, at least, Trump may be a Sabbath fan. Says the guitarist in a new interview with The Birmingham Mail:

“We have a lot of people come to our show you wouldn’t think. Donald Trump came a few years ago.

“We were leaving because we had to get the flight. He came backstage with his daughter but we couldn’t stay to talk to him, we couldn’t miss the slot for our plane.

“It was a bit ‘hello, hello’ and gone.

“Bruce Willis and all sorts of people have been to see us.”

It’s possible Trump was only there because his younger, marginally hipper child is a fan (Iommi doesn’t specify if the daughter in attendance was Ivanka or Tiffany, but I’m assuming it was Ivanka), or just because he likes being around famous people, or because he was hoping to recruit Ozzy for The Celebrity Apprentice. Regardless, it’s endlessly amusing to think of Trump having to sit through “Children of the Grave” and other Sabbath classics.

Unfortunately, Iommi doesn’t actually say anything negative about Trump in the interview, so we can’t look forward to a Trump Twitter tirade about how overrated the Sabbath guitarist is.

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