Today: Suicide Silence Respond to Mean MetalSucks Comments Live on Facebook!


UPDATE #3, 5:45pm EST / 2:45pm PST: The stream has now been completed. Watch it here or embedded below.

UPDATE #2, 5:10pm EST / 2:10pm PST: We are working on getting the stream live right now. Stand by!

UPDATE: The stream will now take place at 5pm EST / 2pm PST. 

Suicide Silence have been a lightning rod for controversy lately, to say the least. The vitriol with which their fans have been responding to the use of clean vocals in their new song “Doris” — which we think is excellent, it should be noted! — might make you think the band were guilty of hiring avowed anti-semites, tacitly supporting white supremacists, vowing to strip away health insurance for millions of Americans and generally setting back civil rights advances by decades. Oh wait.

To celebrate their newly held throne of Clean Vocalists in Chief, we’ve asked Suicide Silence’s Eddie Hermida and Mark Heylmun to take over the MetalSucks Facebook page, where they’ll be streaming LIVE video in which they read and react to mean things you all have said about them over the past few weeks. After they get through several of those, they’ll be taking questions live from the comments of the Facebook video stream, responding in real time. This is your chance to really let ’em have it. Don’t hold back!

The live stream will happen on the MetalSucks Facebook page at 5pm EST / 2pm PST today, Tuesday, January 24th. “Like” MetalSucks using the embed below, and listen to “Doris” to get your brain firing on terrible things you might say to the band in a few hours time.

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