Amazing One-Day-Only Offer: Kurt Ballou Will Record “Overtly Anti-Trump, Anti-Steve Bannon, Pro-Social Justice Message” Songs for Free


The bad news about Donald Trump being president would take a few thousand pages to list, but the good news is this: millions of people around the world have banded together to pitch in and try minimize whatever impact this asshole is gonna have. Even, or maybe especially, for an old cynic like me, it’s been downright heartening to watch. Regardless of whether you personally are doing a little or a lot to fight Team Trump, I don’t judge. Every little metaphorical pull of that motherfucker’s Medusa-level-awful hair counts.

So to say that this news is “rad” would a massive understatement:

Ballou, for the three of you who don’t know, is a friggin’ genius. In addition to being the guitarist for Converge, he’s also one of the most acclaimed producers working in extreme music today. So this offer is insanely generous; your band could potentially gift the world with some righteous protest music and get to learn from one of the greats. MetalSucks runs an annual contest to work with Ballou for free, and I shit you not, this past year we got close to a thousand entries. So his invitation is really not one to be taken for granted.

If you’re in a position to apply for a spot, I highly recommend you do so. And to sweeten the pot a little, I also promise that MetalSucks will run articles on any music that results from the session, so you have some guaranteed exposure.

Bands not in the Boston area: we’ll let you know if Ballou is, indeed, able to enlist other producers and engineers to make similar offers. Stay tuned.

[via Metal Injection]

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