Metal on a Sitar with Rob Scallon


George Harrison famously introduced the sitar to Western popular music on The Beatles’ 1965 album Rubber Soul, having become interested in the classical Indian stringed instrument after picking up a prop and attempting to play it during a break from the filming of the movie Help!.

Will Rob Scallon be to metal as George Harrison was to rock n’ roll?? If his new video — the appropriately titled “Sitar Metal” — has anything to do with it, then the answer will most certainly be “yes.”

Scallon isn’t the first metal musician to experiment with a sitar — Rishabh Seen (and his band Mute the Saint) garnered quite a bit of attention a couple of years ago with his sitar covers of tracks by Animals as Leaders and others — but his high profile could certainly elevate the visibility of the instrument and inspire others to give it a shot.

Or it could just be a fun experiment, and I’m overthinking things as usual.

Watch below.

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