Shawn “Clown” Crahan: “We’re Beginning to Write Some Music for Slipknot for the New Record”


Look. Slipknot take a long time in-between albums. Some bands do. At least with Slipknot, the results are usually worth it — the band has yet to pull a St. Anger.

So. It’s been almost three years since the release of the band’s last album, .5: The Gray Chapter, and I’d happily wager that we won’t get a new Slipknot album any sooner than 2018. Still, fans may find this new encouraging.

Rock Feed reports that in a new interview with Detroit’s WRIF, Shawn “Clown” Crahan revealed “We’re beginning to write some music for Slipknot for the new record.” The percussionist elaborated:

“We’re not just gonna sit around … some of us aren’t just gonna sit around, because we’ve done that for twenty years. We just feel like writing. We’ve had so much fun writing The Gray Chapter, and people that started writing together during this album cycle never wrote together in fifteen years, so things are a little bit different and it’s amazing and it’s fun, and we have a good time.”

Again, I don’t think you should get too excited just yet… but it’s nice to know the band is working and, apparently, enjoying themselves.

We’ll chat about this again in a year, okay?

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