Seven Guitarists We’d Be Happy to See Join At the Gates

  • Axl Rosenberg

Earlier today, At the Gates announced that they have parted ways with founding guitarist Anders Björler. Since it’s a tradition here at MetalSucks to offer advice to people who haven’t asked for any, we thought we’d do some fantasy casting and suggest some possible replacements for Anders.

And those suggestions are…

#1 – Alf Svensson

alf-svenssonSvensson is the most obvious choice to replace Björler because, durrrr, he used to be in the band. He’s also said to have played a substantial role in the songwriting for Gardens of GriefThe Red in the Sky is Ours, and With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness. So fans would definitely welcome him with open arms, and with a little luck, he could help write a decent follow-up to At War with Reality. That material might end up sounding more like an old school death metal band and less like the AtG with which most of us fell in love, but hey, worse things have happened.

#2 – Patrik Jensenpatrik-jensen

Jonas Björler’s bandmate from The Haunted, another melodeath group that managed to soldier on after losing Anders (and some would say they got even better after Anders left).

#3 – Ola EnglundOla Englund

Like The Rock, Englund is franchise viagra: he successfully filled Anders’ shoes in The Haunted after contributing to one of Six Feet Under’s strongest albums. So he has a proven track record of nailing gigs like this one.

#4 – Mike Schleibaum

Darkest HourDude has been writing the best At the Gates riffs At the Gates didn’t write for two decades anyway, so…

#5 – Michael Amottamott 3

He was in Carcass! He founded Arch Enemy! He could probably write a good melodeath song in his sleep by now! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

#6 – Emil Werstleremil1

How in the sweet mother of fuck has this dude not been swept up yet? Someone go get ‘im while the gettin’ is good!

#7 – Jesper StrömbladJesper Strömblad Cort Guitars 2013 Promo Shot

He left In Flames because it was no “a guitar/riff based melodeath band.” Funny you should mention it, bruh, I just so happen to know of a guitar/riff based melodeath band in need of a guitarist!

Okay, your turn: who do YOU think should replace Anders in At the Gates? Make your suggestions in the comments section below!

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