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Dream Theater’s Images and Words Tour Coming to the U.S. This Fall


I know what you’re thinking: “Axl, why are you writing this post about Dream Theater when you don’t even really like Dream Theater and Vince loves them?” Well, folks, there’s a simple explanation for this: when Vince heard the news, he jizzed so hard the force of his ejaculation actually sent him flying through the air and into a wall. He’s fine, but he needs a moment to recover. So you’re stuck with me.

ANYWAY, in case you’re thick-skulled, this is the tour on which Dream Theater celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their breakthrough album, Images and Words, by playing the whole thing. (I still remember seeing the “Pull Me Under” video on Headbanger’s Ball for the first time. Ah, memories.) European dates have already been announced, but now guitarist John Petrucci has confirmed what everyone already suspected — that it’s coming to the States, too:

“We have the second European leg in April and May. We’re gonna take the summer off, and I have my camp in August. We’ll reconvene in September and we’re gonna be playing in Asia. And we’re gonna bring the same tour to North America, where, as soon as we announced [the European leg], all our U.S. fans were, like, ‘You’ve gotta come here.’ So we will do that. And that’ll bring us to just before the holidays. And the following year we’ll get in and start working on a new album, but not before that.”

So that should cause for some of you to celebrate.

No dates yet, but you’ll know ’em when we do.

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