Nine Things That Occurred to Me While Watching Mastodon Perform “Show Yourself” on Jimmy Kimmel

  1. Is Brann Dailor secretly the best singer in Mastodon? He’s totally on point here.
  2. Troy is rocking those gray hairs HELLA hot. Let them grays show!
  3. Also: Troy’s At the Drive-In shirt, sweet
  4. Also also: Troy loves longsleeve shirts
  5. Fuck, this song is so catchy. I gotta dig into Emperor of Sand a bit more.
  6. Did the band get out of sync towards the end of Brent Hinds’ guitar solo? Bill and Brann seem locked into one another, but Hinds looks up at them all confused when he finishes. They come back in like total pros, though.
  7. Brent Hinds is such a trainwreck, but at least he looks cool.
  8. They sound pretty good overall. Should I go see them on their upcoming tour after all? (Had been planning to sit this one out — I’ve just seen Masto A LOT over the years)
  9. MASTODON, fuck yeah

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