King 810 Release Launch Documentary Series


The PRP reports that “King 810 have started a new documentary series called This is King.” This is the band’s statement about the series:

“The Family,

“Here is part 1 of an episodic documentary. No cleaned up audio over dubs, no pieced together live show to make ourselves seem exciting, no posing for the camera, no plot, climax or conclusion.

“These are the lives of many pieces of shit.


That claims made in the statement are roughly 50% correct (I won’t say “honest” — I’m willing to give the band the benefit of the doubt and assume they simply didn’t watch this before releasing the statement and/or don’t know what words mean). The debut installment of the series begins with a dude posing for the camera in a creepy mask reading something with his voice slowed way down so he sounds scary. It then pieces together a bunch of live footage to make King 810 seem exciting. Mercifully, it also concludes, albeit after nearly nine minutes that certainly feel endless.

But there’s no audio overdubs or plot or climax. So they got that much right.

You can check out the first part of the series below. Maybe don’t watch it at work because there’s a brief glimpse of a penis.

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