Core 10: Former Korn Drummer David Silveria’s New Band is the Most Depressing/Funniest Thing You Will See This Week

  • Axl Rosenberg

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Korn drummer David Silveria has returned with a new band, Core 10. And this new band has made one thing abundantly clear: Silveria’s drumming may have been the best thing about Korn, but Silveria himself had absolutely nothing to do with that band’s success.

I know that seems harsh, but seriously: a guy who was once in one of the biggest metal bands in the world looked at this promo photo and said “Yup, I am confident that we are making the right move by releasing this. If there’s one thing I know from twenty-five years in this business, it’s that band photos do not need to be in focus, nor is it ever worth it to pay a designer a few hundred bucks for a cool-looking logo that doesn’t appear to have been designed by Axl Rosenberg as a joke. This. Is. PERFECT.”


Of course, marketing isn’t everything. At the end of the day, what’s most important is the music, and so long as Silveria is following his heart, everything else is secondary.

Unless what’s in Silveria’s heart is this:

JESUS CHRIST. It would truly take a Donald Trump-level of denial to hear/watch that and not question its quality. That, my friends, is a band only a mother could love. The only member of the group who seems to have any brains is Sexagenarian Chester Bennington on the keyboards: his name isn’t listed on the band’s Facebook page.



[via Loudwire… thanks to Irving S. for the tip]

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