Stuck Mojo Frontman Rails Against Transgender People and Abortions on New Blog


My first reaction upon being tipped off to the existence of The Rantidote — a social commentary blog started by new Stuck Mojo frontman Robby J. Fonts — was that it had be a troll, or at the very least a publicity stunt to generate hype around the band’s new record.

Then I realized that this is Stuck Mojo we’re talking about. It’s completely real.

Stuck Mojo — in particular, guitarist and mastermind Rich Ward — has never been shy about his conservative politics. But Fonts’ blog is on a whole new level, extending into the territory of bigotry and hatred.

First, watch the band’s recent video for “Rape Whistle” to get a sense of what we’re dealing with here:

Got it? OK.

In Fonts’ most recent article, “Transgenderism: A Disturbing Social Experiment,” the singer claims that all transgendered people are suffering from mental illness and should be treated as such, instead of being indulged with federal laws that protect them. Because we all know how well gay conversion therapy works, why wouldn’t transgender reversion therapy work too?

An anti-abortion article entitled “Pro-Choice Means No Choice At All” starts with the following line: “Feminist women parade the streets championing their abortions and the right to have one.” Fonts then proceeds to trot out the old “Planned Parenthood sells dead baby parts for profit” line (complete with a well-sourced Fox News link!), and demonstrates his extremely repressed sexuality thusly:

“Having sex is not a human right, it’s a human function. Sex is supposed to be a meaningful act . Popular culture has turned it into a commodity of shallow pleasure and degeneracy. If you didn’t want to have a future and a child with someone, why are you sleeping around with them to begin with?

“Am I saying that people shouldn’t enjoy having sex? Of course not. I’m saying that sex has a biological purpose, and if you are unwilling to deal with the consequences of that purpose, then that’s on you. An unborn child shouldn’t have to pay for the consequences of your mistakes, no matter how those mistakes occurred.”

Well then. Guess we should all just fuck like rabbits until the world is overrun with little dipshits who believe in an invisible man in the sky who judges all of our actions.

Fonts’ blog is an embarrassment to our entire community, and I’m ashamed to have ever supported this band in any way (their early work was pioneering in the development of the rap metal scene). Label me an SJW, a virtue-signaller, whatever the fuck you want… at least I support people living the lives of the gender they identify with, and women making their own choices over their bodies.

For what it’s worth, this is Fonts’ old band (or perhaps still current, who cares), Hasta La Muerte:

Apparently he has no problem objectifying women for gain in his band’s videos, but when it comes to respecting their wishes to control their own bodies that’s just too much to ask!

And this will be the final time you ever see Stuck Mojo covered on MetalSucks. Goodbye.

Thanks (or no thanks!): Joe Thrashnkill

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