Scott Stapp Says Scott Weiland Reached Out to Him from the Beyond

  • Axl Rosenberg

So there’s a new GQ profile on Scott Stapp, former singer for Creed and current singer for Art of Anarchy. And in that profile, Stapp claims to have been visited by the ghost of his Art of Anarchy predecessor, Scott Weiland:

Weiland died of a drug overdose in 2014. Shortly thereafter, while negotiating to take over Art of Anarchy, Stapp and his backing band rented out a tour bus, only to discover that it was the same bus in which Weiland died. I’ll let Stapp take the story from here:

“All of a sudden, it was almost like Weiland speaking to me from the grave, man. It was a very weird feeling that I felt. I remember being in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, on the bus, and really feeling like I could hear or feel him saying, ‘Dude, this could have been you. And this could be you if you continue that path. Don’t do what I did. Don’t go down that road.’ And, literally, I’m having this moment.”

Did you feel like you could see him?

“No. God rest his soul, and my family has prayed for his family and his children, but really it was a crazy, mystical experience. It was just in my face, man. I had my moment of, like, Dude, he’s speaking to me, man. Almost as if, from my standpoint, in my life and in my recovery, his death was not in vain. Not only could that have been me, that should have been me. It was just one of those weird things that kinda, like, the stars aligned, the universe arranged itself at the right time to further impact me and further solidify my commitment to my recovery. It was definitely one of those God moments. I get goosebumps right now just talking about it. It was a God moment.”

It’s not really shocking that Stapp would say something as batshit insane as this given some of the batshit insane stuff he’s said in the past. So I won’t even ask why Stapp thinks Weiland would reach out from the afterlife to give him advice instead of, say, Weiland’s children. Even as a spectral entity, Weiland won’t spend time with his kids.

Much more surprising is that GQ did a profile on Scott Stapp in 2017. Art of Anarchy’s publicist is named George Vallee, and he’s considered one of the best in the biz for a reason!

[via Metal Insider]

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