Suffocation’s …Of the Dark Light Gets a Release Date, Album Art, and Track List


Wanna hear a mildly funny coincidence? Last week, Suffocation announced the name of their new album, and when we ran it, we included ellipses, ’cause we transitioned directly from the headline into the article. Like so:


Now here’s the coincidence: according to Red Distribution, the album’s title actually does have ellipses in it!

Hey. I said it was a mildly funny coincidence. I never claimed to be Charlie Murphy.

ANYHOO, the album will be out June 9, and the cover art will look like this:


And here’s the track list, for those of you who get off on song titles:

  1. Clarity Through Deprivation
  2. The Warmth Within the Dark
  3. Your Last Breaths
  4. Return to the Abyss
  5. The Violation
  6. Of the Dark Light
  7. Some Things Should Be Left Alone
  8. Caught Between Two Worlds
  9. Epitaph of the Credulous

June 9 is basically tomorrow, so expect a single/pre-orders to launch soon. We’ll keep you updated, natch.

[via Metal Injection]

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