Babymetal’s Five Fox Festival Will Require Patrons to Wear Corpse Paint

  • Axl Rosenberg

Love or hate Babymetal, you can’t say they aren’t innovative.

The Japanese project has announced The Five Fox Festival, which is really a tour (so it’s a festival the way Ozzfest was a festival, not the way Wacken is a festival). While it’s not clear yet who else is on the bill or what makes this a festival, it is clear that the attending crowds will be, um, interesting. From the announcement on Babymetal’s website:

[Important Notices]
● Each show has its own specific conditions which purchasers must abide by. Please make sure that all of the conditions are met before you make the purchase.
● In the case that the purchaser does not meet the specific conditions and wins the ticket, we reserve the right to refuse admittance.

So what are the “specific conditions which purchasers must abide by”? Well, three of the nine shows will require attendees to wear corpse paint; three are only for elementary school children and senior citizens; one is exclusively for teenagers; one is exclusively for women; and one is exclusively for men. Although the all-male show seems like it will probably attract the most physically and psychologically repulsive crowd, I think the children/old people shows should be interesting, too. Just think: those gigs will not only encourage grandparent/grandchild bonding, but will also provide a closed environment for pedos who are now too old to chase their prey. So any way you look at it, those performances are a public service*.

The complete list of dates is below. Get more info here.


*MetalSucks does not endorse pedophilia or grandparent/grandchild bonding. Do not attempt at home.

[via Metal Injection]

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