Between the Buried and Me Will Record a New Album This Summer


In his recent guest appearance on The MetalSucks Podcast, Between the Buried and Me (and Nova Collective, and Trioscapes, and Orbs, and and and) bassist Dan Briggs shared some very good news: writing is already underway for the band’s next album, with recording tentatively scheduled for the summer.

According to Briggs, the band plans to track the album before hitting the road on their 10th anniversary Colors tour, with the team of producer Jamie King and mixer Jens Bogren intact:

After the Colors tour are there plans to go right into the studio and work on new BTBAM material?

No, we’re actually gonna do that beforehand. The life of a working musician is getting out and touring. So, we’re home right now — that tour will be in September — so we’ve got some time. We already shared a bunch of ideas from before we went to Europe. If we didn’t go to Europe we’d probably have our record ready now. I feel like with our best material when we’re clicking and there’s good stuff out there early, when we actually get together, we work so quickly and efficiently in capturing the burst.

We try to just keep things… especially with Parallax 2, and with Coma [Ecliptic], which was another extension of it, it’s really free and just letting the song dictate where it’s gonna go and not trying to force shit and do awkward transitions to make something work.  If something just doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work, and people are understanding. I think a huge part of that is the maturity. I’m so thankful that our band has been allowed to grow, that we’ve been able to be a band for 15 or 16 years. I remember saying it when Coma came out; Coma is probably a record we would’ve wanted to do after Alaska, but we couldn’t have done that record then. It wouldn’t have been natural.

On the new material, is Jamie King producing? I know you used David Bottrill on the EP [The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues].

I think we’re gonna try to lock in with the same crew we had on Coma, because that was the first time … we were doing shows in Mexico right after we got out of the studio, and we got the first masters back, the first two tracks. We were all listening on a plane and just looking at each other like, “Dude, it’s all there.”

Jens Bogren is such a master. We just toured with Leprous in Europe and they work with him and say the same stuff about him. They’re like, “Yeah, he sends a mix back and it’s kinda weird because you’re trying to find something that’s wrong with it but you just listen to it, and that’s it, it’s there.” Also it’s kinda funny, we’ve talked to a few bands, like Haken, who have done a few records with him and have never met him. He’s mixed a handful of their stuff, never met the guy. He just mixed our last record and we’ve been to Europe a couple times, and we’re always like “Should we invite him to the show? Or is that weird?” It seems kind of funny at this point that we would have this genius wizard guy making your our sound great when we’ve never actually met him.

We’re so comfortable tracking with Jamie in North Carolina, five minutes down the road from our practice space. It couldn’t have been any more easy. With this new record that we’re doing it’ll be ten years since Jamie’s been in his new studio. His first day there was the first day of tracking Colors. He rushed into the house — I think he was building a vocal booth the night before we showed up — still plugging in his gear, because he was so intent on us being able to record in the new space. Not at his old space, which was his parents basement, where we did Alaska, and the first BTBMA album as well. So it’ll be fun. Looking back ten years, we’ve done a lot of records with Jamie. He’s worked on two Trioscapes record, an Orbs record, Nova Collective, all the BTBAM stuff, all the live stuff… he’s very much a part of us.

If the above timeline comes to fruition, we could well receive a new BTBAM album before 2017 comes to a close.

Listen to the entire episode of The MetalSucks Podcast with Briggs as guest below.

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