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British Politician Comes Under Fire for Ties to Alleged Nazi Metal Band; Accusers Clearly Not Familiar with Black Sabbath


This is Richard Burgon.


Richard is Shadow Justice Secretary (meaning he shadows the UK’s Secretary of State for Justice, presumably as a means of oversight) and MP (Member of Parliament) for Leeds East. He is also a staunch supporter of and ally to Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, who are traditionally liberal.

In addition to working in politics, Richard is also a huge metal fan. In fact, he recently made a guest appearance on an album by a metal band called Dream Tröll.


Now, The Sun reports, Burgon has come under fire for his work with the band. Why?

“The group uses the name of Hitler’s infamous SS security unit as lettering in its promotion posters.

It also spells its name in German military font, complete with an umlaut over the letter ‘o’’, and has the motto; ‘We Sold our Soul for Rock n’ Troll’.”

Here is the offending image in question. It will look familiar to any metal fan worth his or her salt:


Yup: this image, which allegedly proves that Dream Tröll are Nazis, is just a tribute to Black Sabbath.


So this proves that Dream Tröll are Nazis about as much as it proves that KISS, who also use the SS font, are Nazis.

Beyond this, I can find no evidence online that Dream Tröll are Nazis. If they’re truly hateful bigots, they are the most low-key hateful bigots in history.

In other words, this controversy is total bullshit, more than likely perpetrated by the Labour Party’s political opponents to make them look bad.

Burgon has now basically said as much in a statement released via Facebook. He further points out that The Sun is not the world’s most reliable source of information, and is owned by notoriously right multi-gajillionaire Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the equally slimey Fox News:

Soooo… yeah. “Utter, utter rubbish” is an exceedingly polite (or British) way to categorize this. It’s really the world’s umpteenth example of how the right will do anything to maintain power and discredit the left. It’s stupid and it’s gross and I really, really hope the British people don’t fall for it. I think the Labour party should fight back by claiming that the Tories (the conservatives) are clearly Nazis because they wear neck ties, just like Hitler did. It’s no less ridiculous a claim than the one being made about Burgon and Dream Tröll.

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