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Listen: Khemmis Have Released Their Incredible Cover of “A Conversation with Death”



Last week, I told you folks about the upcoming split with Khemmis and Spirit Adrift, but there was no music to share yet. So now I’m back to share an embedded stream for your ears to ingest!

The split is called Fraught with Peril and it contains two tracks, both of which are covers of southern folk songs. Spirit Adrift is taking the helm on the well-known tune “Man of Constant Sorrow,” and Khemmis have done an absolutely awesome cover of “A Conversation With Death” (also known as “O, Death”), which was originally performed by Lloyd Chandler back in the 1920s.

Khemmis had their work cut for them covering this one; the original rendition is beautiful and haunting and arguably one of the most recognizable mountain songs around. But they’ve managed to do it immense justice. It maintains the track’s original eerie qualities, but has enough bite to accompany the sweeping vocals, making the song feel like it was always a part of the metal/hard rock realm.

In short: it’s epic. I can’t wait to see what Spirit Adrift manages to do with the other cover. Fraught with Peril comes out June 16 via War Crime Recordings. Pre-order it right here.

[via The PRP]

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