King 810 Recruit Adult Film Stars for a Music Video Set to Debut on Pr0nhub

  • Axl Rosenberg

Like Steel Panther and Coolio before them, King 810 are now set to debut a music video on Pornhub; specifically, a video for their song “La Petite Mort,” which is a phrase the French use for an orgasm. Not that the song’s lyrics have anything to do with sex:

You think God hears a prayer said in Hell
Just know I’m doing life in a 6 square mile cell
That I’m sharing with a 100000 sisters and brothers
Were sentenced to death for sins of thy father
and being birthed here by our mothers
And I wouldn’t trade it in for the worlds weight in gold
And they haven’t built one like me since me I am told

This being the case, the band has cast three stars of adult films — Jasmine Summers, Jenna Foxx, and Alex Legend — to be in the clip, I guess to make it more Pornhub-friendly. This NSFW teaser for the clip suggests these performers will be doing what performers in porno movies usually do. Steel Panther didn’t have any nudity or explicit sex in their Pornhub video, but then, their song was actually about fucking. And was good.

ANYWAY, if you’ve ever wanted to masturbate while listening to a really boring eight-minute King 810 song but you’re too stupid to be able to figure out how to just cue that song up with whatever online video yourself, congratulations on finally having the opportunity to live out this particular fantasy.

Everyone else, let’s take bets: can your average King 810 fan actually last eight minutes?

[via The PRP]

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