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Meet Expulsion, the New Supergroup Featuring Members of Repulsion, Exhumed, Phobia, and Intronaut

  • Axl Rosenberg


So. There’s a new band called Expulsion. I’m gonna tell who’s in the band, and then you’re gonna go “Oh wow can I hear some music PLEASE?!?!”

Ready? Here we go:

  • Matt Olivo (Repulsion)
  • Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Gruesome)
  • Danny Walker (Intronaut, Exhumed, Phobia, Uphill Battle)
  • Menno Verbaten (Lightning Swords of Death)

See. Toldja you’d wanna hear some music. Lucky for all of us, the band has also unveiled a song, “Altar of Slaughter.” It’s disgusting, unrelenting, and diseased. In other words: everything you’d want from a band featuring this line-up of musicians!

Check out “Altar of Slaughter” below. The song comes off of Expulsion’s debut album, Nightmare Future, which comes out July 21 on Relapse. Pre-order it here!

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