Shit That Comes Out Today: May 19, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

Look at your calendar. You see what fucking day it is? That’s right, it’s my birthday. To celebrate, I’ll be  moshing my way into Valhalla while Amon Amarth level Columbia, Missouri. But seeing as none of you are going to be there with me, you’re just going to have to settle for another week of my opinions on the new music that’s coming out today. And if you reaaaally want the Boozeman birthday experience, just shotgun a six-pack while playing your favorite Viking music and bump into all of your friends while violently demanding free drinks. Oh, and then check out all this new music.

Reaching Into Infinity (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: Manowar, HammerFall, Kamelot
Listen “Judgment Day” (here)

Ah, Dragonforce. It seems like only yesterday that being able to play your music on Guitar Hero was way cooler than being able to play your music on an actual instrument. If you’ve ever heard Dragonforce, then you already know what to expect from this album. Crazy guitar work? Check. Even crazier solos? Check. Fantasy lyrics about a dark/shadowed/evil one in some sort of universe? Check. Dragonforce might not be my jam anymore, but if nothing else, they have their sound nailed down. There aren’t too many bands you can listen to and immediately go “Yep, that’s them alright.” But Dragonforce are one of those bands.

dogshitLinkin Park
One More Light (Warner Bros.)
On a playlist with: Katy Perry, Meghan Trainor, Miley Cyrus
Listen “Heavy” (here)

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Linkin Parks newest album isn’t exactly metal. And you know what? That’s fine. It’s Linkin Park’s music and if they want to write a fucking pop album, then they’re allowed to. On the flip side, however, we here at MetalSucks are allowed to criticize said music for being boring, bland and a very clear departure from not only their old stuff, but even their newer stuff as well. If you like Hybrid Theory-era Linkin Park, then this album is not for you. If you like newer Linkin Park, then this album is not for you. Honestly, I’m not sure who this album is for other than pop fans and Linkin Park’s own satisfaction.

Revelation (Earache)
On a playlist with: Despised Icon, I Declare War, Carnifex
Listen ” Human Harvest” (here)

I’ve been listening to Oceano since their first album came out in 2009. That’s eight years of listening to a band and I still have absolutely no idea what the fuck vocalist Adam Warren is saying. In all that time I also haven’t figured out if I’m actually a fan of these guys or not. Their songs seem to switch back and forth between senselessly heavy and somewhat melodic and heavy with little balance between the two. I like the tone but the songwriting just seems… I don’t know, random. If you like Oceano, then you’ll probably like this album. If not, then Revelation will still just sound like someone carrying a box of breakdowns who fell down a flight of stairs.

61eo3z17hul__ss500Papa Roach
Crooked Teeth (Eleven Seven Music)
On a playlist with: Limp Bizkit, Three Days Grace, Seether
Listen “Crooked Teeth” (here)

I can’t be the only one who thought that Papa Roach’s entire catalog of music consisted only of “Scars” and “Last Resort,” right? Whatever. Considering this is the band’s seventh studio album, I’ve clearly been out of the loop since my emo high school days ended. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of Papa Roach anymore, this album isn’t bad by any means. It’s some solid Papa Roach that I suspect will please their fans much more than Linkin Park’s atrocity of an album will. It’s always nice when a band doesn’t give their fanbase the middle finger, isn’t it?

scale-the-summit-in-a-world-of-fear-960x960Scale the Summit
In A World Of Fear
On a playlist with: Intervals, Animals As Leaders, Intronaut
Listen “The Warden” (here)

Scale the Summit were making headlines not too long ago for all the wrong reasons. STS mastermind Chris Letchford was accused by his former bandmates of being greedy. Nonetheless, Letchford carried on and we have another Scale the Summit album. If you like instrumental musica and djent, then this will be right up your alley. If not, it’s music that you can kick back and relax to after work. Because, unlike some djent, this is pretty easy to listen to.

3TEETH shutdown.exe (OMF Records) listen
Autopsy The Tomb Within (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Basement Promise Everything (Deluxe Edition)(Fueled By Ramen) listen
Beastmaker Inside The Skull (Rise Above) listen
Below Upon A Pale Horse (Metal Blade) listen
Biters The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (Earache) listen
Dog Fashion Disco Erotic Massage (20th Anniversary Edition) (Razor To Wrist) listen
Enslaved Roadburn Live (By Norse Music) listen
Ex People Birds (New Heavy Sounds) listen
Harvestman Music For Megaliths (Neurot Recordings) listen
Hell Or Highwater Vista (Spinefarm) listen
Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark (Vinyl) (Warner Music) listen
Iron Maiden No Prayer For The Dying (Vinyl) (Warner Music) listen
Iron Maiden The X Factor (Vinyl) (Warner Music) listen
Iron Maiden Virtual XI (Vinyl) (Warner Music) listen
Jesus Piece/Malice At The Palace Split (Bridge 9) listen
Loss Horizonless (Profound Lore) listen
Mastercastle Wine Of Heaven (Scarlet) listen

Miss May I Shadows Inside (Sharptone) listen
Rammstein Rammstein: Paris (Blu-ray/DVD/CD)(Spinefarm) listen
The Dead Daisies Live And Louder (CD/DVD) (Spitfire) listen
The Night Flight Orchestra Amber Galactic (Nuclear Blast) listen
Wear Your Wounds Dunedevil (Deathwish Inc.) listen

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