Exclusive Track Premiere: Paganizer’s “The Buried Undead “



It’s an indisputable scientific fact: Mondays blow. The bad news is, there isn’t anything anyone on Earth can do to change that. The good news is, this should help: “The Buried Undead” a cataclysmically lethal new track from the mighty Paganizer!

The song is a bit slower than “Dehumanized,” the lead single from the band’s new album, Land of Weeping Souls — but that doesn’t make it any less punishing. On the contrary, “The Buried Undead” simply proves that Paganizer don’t have to charge at the listener with full force to be effective; like the snake in The Garden of Gethsemane, they can also slither up right beside you and then chomp on your leg and inject their venom. Paganizer understand better than most that Evil comes in all shapes, sizes, and tempos.

MetalSucks is proud to debut “The Buried Undead” below! Land of Weeping Souls comes out August 5 on Transcending Obscurity. If you dig the track, pre-order the album here!

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