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Do Yourself a Favor and Stream Völur’s Ancestors

  • Axl Rosenberg


Canada’s Völur are in no way, shape, or form your typical metal band. That much is immediately clear from the selection of instruments they do and do not utilize — they’ve got a drummer (James Payment), a bassist (Lucas Gadke), a violinist (Laura C. Bates), and that’s it. But while in lesser hands that might be a gimmick at worst, an experiment that doesn’t work at best, Völur are extraordinary. Their new album, Ancestors, is a slow-building storm of moans and drones and moods, the kind of record that demands to be experienced in a single sitting and rewards repeat listens. Some band may make a heavier doom album in 2017 — but it’s not likely anyone will make a better one.

Stream Ancestors below, courtesy of Noisey. It comes out this Friday on Prophecy Productions. Pre-order it here.

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