Foo Fighters Release New Song and Video, “Run”


Surprise! It’s a new Foo Fighters track, along with a hilarious Dave Grohl-directed video.

The song is the hardest rocking thing Foo Fighters have released in years. If you’ve ever liked anything this band’s done, you’re gonna love it. If you didn’t grow up with Foo Fighters in your life, or you harbor an irrational hatred for Dave Grohl, I imagine you won’t.

The video features the Foos all done up as senior citizens performing a show for their compadres at the old folks’ home. All hell breaks loose — that’s all I’m gonna say so I don’t ruin the fun.

Fair warning: there are a couple of very brief NSFW boobie shots.

No word on a new album yet, but it’s been since 2014’s Sonic Highways we got a new Foos full-length. They released the free Saint Cecilia EP in 2015.

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