Reminder: Gwar and Brujeria Severed Trump’s Head Before Kathy Griffin Did


Comedian Kathy Griffin has found herself in quite a shitstorm over the past couple of days after she posted a photo of herself posing with a severed head of President Trump. She has since apologized, conceding that the photo went too far, but that didn’t stop CNN from firing her from their New Year’s Eve broadcast amidst an avalanche of criticism from both the left and right.

That the genre of metal, always pioneering, was way ahead of the curve in the severed Trump head trend shouldn’t be shocking, but here it is: both Gwar and Brujeria did it first! The only difference is that no one seemed to care all that much because duh, it’s metal.

Gwar seized the Griffin fiasco as an opportunity to plug their appearance on Warped Tour and upcoming new album by releasing a video in which they remind everyone that a severed Trump head has been a staple of their live show for some time, alongside several other prominent political figures:

And Brujeria, of course, released the following t-shirt last year, which somehow ended up being sold at Walmart:

Brujeria Trump t-shirt

That the metal community did not react with shock and disgust following either Gwar or Brujeria’s head-severing displays is a fantastic point of pride. Yay for metal!

But hey, at least a self-described D-list celebrity is good for more clicks than a couple of no-good, scumbag metal bands. Huzzah!

[via The PRP]

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