Suicidal Tendencies Performance Cut Short by Cops; Band’s Most Recent Album May Also Be Their Last


Suicidal Tendencies are certainly having an interesting week.

First, in a new interview with Full Metal Jackie, frontman Mike Muir said that the band’s 2016 album, World Gone Mad, may prove to be their final album… although not necessarily their final release:

“I think that with ‘World Gone Mad,’ I think it’s a perfect statement record to fit in with all what else we’ve done in the past and it’s a good way to end it. As I said before, at the same time we recorded an EP, and there’s a possibility we’ll still put that out. But there’s a very good chance that’ll be the last album-album that we do. I know Dave [Lombardo, drums] is… every time we talk, he’s, like, ‘Hey, let’s record something.’ So we’ll always record things. Whether we put it out, I don’t know. We’ve been so busy since this record has come out and we’ve got so much stuff already planned that it’s, like, I can’t even think about even recording another record anyhow. So I guess that’s good.”

Given that Muir says World Gone Mad may “be the last album-album that we do,” it doesn’t sound like he’s planning on retiring Suicidal Tendencies or even saying they’ll never release new music again so much as he’s suggesting that the model they use to release new music may change. Which makes sense, given the way the music industry has changed in the 30+ years since Suicidal Tendencies began. But I feel like we’ve heard a lot of musicians say this kind of thing and then not really follow-through. I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re still hoping ST make another record someday, don’t give up hope just yet.

Meanwhile, in case anyone doubts that Suicidal Tendencies aren’t still cyco after all these years: the band actually had a show shut down by the cops YESTERDAY, Sunday, June 4. The free performance was part of an unveiling ceremony for a new Los Angeles mural (Muiral?) depicting Muir (above), which was, believe it or not, officially commissioned by the city, and is not illegal street art.

So why did the cops have to break up the show? ‘Cause the band’s crazy-ass fans got so excited that they murdered a fence:

You can't bring us down! #suicidaltendencies #dtla #mikemuir #davelombardo #breakdownthewalls

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Given that even a big dude like Greg Puciato finds Suicidal Tendencies’ pits to be scary places, I’m not surprised this happened. Still, the band must be stoked that after all this time, their fans are still so passionate about them, no?

Watch more video from the performance below:

[via Metal Injection and The PRP]

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