Streams I’m Digging Right Now: Endon, Wovoka and Basilysk


Tastes at the MetalSucks Mansion are incredibly varied, not just amongst staffers but within each of us; we get a lot of stuff thrown at us on a daily basis, and though we each have our areas of expertise, our tastes are incredibly broad. And that’s why you’ll occasionally end up with articles like this one: three bands in three completely different sub-genres, all united by the simple coincidence that they happened to cross my plate within the past week and I’m digging the fuck out of each. 

Noise metal is risky business: the temptation to go completely off the rails at all times is always there. While the genre’s untamed bounds are the primary appeal for many, I find it works best when that noise can reigned in, when there’s some yin to balance the yang… and that’s what I’m digging so much about Endon‘s sophomore album, Through the Mirror. There are moments of batshit insanity and moments of inward introspection, and it’s the combination of both — and the ease with which they’re blended — that makes this album such a fun listen. Check it out below via Invisible Oranges.

Such is proof that record labels are still relevant in the DIY everything world of 2017: I clicked on the premiere for Wovoka‘s “Traces” at Decibel simply because Marks/Traces, a split album between Wovoka and LLNN (July 7th; pre-order here), will be released on Pelagic Records, the label owned by The Ocean mastermind Robin Staps. The track does not disappoint on those grounds: it’s very, very post-y, and it’s proggy and it’s sludgy… and most importantly of all, it’s really fucking good.

Basilysk features at least one name with which readers of this site may be familiar, Jimmy Viola, better known as MetalSucks video correspondent The Necrosexual. Viola plays bass in this band alongside guitarist/vocalist Josh Perrin, guitarist Luke Gary and drummer Michael Lee Churry, cranking out grim and frosty black metal reminiscent of Norwegian second wavers that delivers on all fronts. Check out the band’s first single “Molester of Dreams” below, from their debut full-length Emergence due later this year.

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