Need a Good Cry? Watch This Video of a Sixteen-Year-Old Metalhead Getting a Guitar as a Gift from His Recently-Deceased Father


World, meet teenage metal fan Johnny Crow. Despite having the single most awesome name in the history of ever, young Mr. Crow is having a shitty year: in April, his father, John Crow, died of a heart attack at age 49. Worse still, Johnny was at home with his father when it happened and performed CPR, to no avail. And worse still, this all happened right before Johnny’s sixteenth birthday.

So what happened next is incredibly moving, if bittersweet: Johnny’s twenty-year-old sister, Chandler Crow, got a call from the Port Huron Music Center and Grove Mall. Turns out, back in January, John Crow ordered a Dean Razorback to give to Johnny as a birthday gift. Sweeter still, the reason John purchased the gift so far in advance is because he wanted to ensure that Johnny got exactly the guitar he wanted.

Chandler then took Johnny to pick up his gift, and filmed him opening it (all while wearing a Toxic Holocaust shirt no less). The resulting video will make you weep so much you’ll barely be able to view it clearly:

Understandably, the video has gone viral, with thousands of commenters reaching out to share their own stories of mourning with Johnny, who told The Times Herald how much he appreciates the support, stating that “It’s good to feel you’re not alone in this.”

Our heart goes out to Johnny… here’s hoping in a few years we can write about him again, once he’s mastered that guitar.

[via Metal Insider]

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