Sevendust Guitarist’s Projected Releases New Song “Reload”


Most bands are lucky to have one songwriter and vocalist of considerable talent. Sevendust have four.

Sevendust’s writing credits are generous with respect to all members of the band — most songs are simply credited as being written by “Sevendust” — but I think it’s fairly common knowledge that guitarist Clint Lowery takes on the bulk of that duty. So it’s not surprising to see co-guitarist John Connolly stepping out front in Projected, who will release their sophomore effort, Ignite My Insanity, in July.

“Reload,” the first single to be released from the double-length effort, is pretty much what you’d expect from Connolly, who teams up here with Alter Bridge drummer Scott Phillips, Sevendust bassist Vinnie Hornsby and Tremonti guitarist Eric “E-ROCK” Friedman: it sounds a whole lot like the three albums Sevendust released in the mid-late ’00s when Lowery exited the band and Connolly was thrust into the role of primary writer. In other words: it’s Sevendust at the hard rockiest end of their spectrum, a bit more meat n’ potatoes. And it’s quite good! Connolly is a talented writer — and lead vocalist, it turns out — and it’s fun to hear him taking the spotlight here.

Check out “Reload” below. Ignite My Insanity comes out on July 21st via Rat Pak Records and can be ordered here.

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