Norway’s Korrupt Bring the Punk n’ Roll Good Time Jams


So much in life simply comes down to luck.

If a couple of Norwegian punks hadn’t chatted up me and Metal Injection’s Rob Pasbani on a smoke break outside the Delirium Cafe in Brussels last month, it’s more than likely we never would’ve checked out their band, Korrupt.

But damn! Luck is the weirdest fucking thing, and I’m loving the fuck out of their newest track “Revolt” via Metal Injection. If post-punk n’ roll ala Kvelertak floats your boat you’ll be super into this track, but the band offers so much more; “Martyrs,” which came out a few weeks ago, ditches the AC/DC riffs for a more straight-forward post-punk attack. Check out both below.

Preachers and Creatures comes out on September 8th via Fysisk Format; pre-order here.

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