Darkest Hour Release 36-Minute Documentary Party Scars and Prison Bars: Two and a Half Online


If you participated in the crowdfunding campaign for Darkest Hour’s fan-fucking-tastic most recent releaseGodless Prophets & the Migrant Flora — definitely my favorite album of the year thus far — then you were gifted with a DVD of a killer thirty-six-minute documentaryParty Scars and Prison Bars: Two and a Half, which features both a CliffsNotes (RiffsNotes?) rundown of the band’s career, as well as footage from the band’s hometown anniversary show at The Black Cat in D.C. Everyone who didn’t contribute to the campaign, unfortunately, thought they were destined to go to their grave without ever letting Party Scars tickle their eyeholes.

The operative word there being thought… ’cause the band has now uploaded the entire thing to YouTube. So if you’ve never seen it or you wanna see it again or you have the DVD but wish it was easier to watch on the go, this is for you. Everyone else, I dunno, go listen to some Oceano or something.

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