Wormrot Performed on a Train

  • Axl Rosenberg

This year’s Glastonbury Festival made headlines over the weekend after Johnny Depp showed up and told the crowd a joke about assassinating Donald Trump. And yet, this was apparently not the most brutal occurrence at the fest.

That honor goes to the first of two sets by Singapore’s Wormrot, one of the most (rightfully) acclaimed grindcore bands on the scene today. Not only did the show make Wormrot the first-ever band from Singapore to perform at the festival, but it did so in true metal fashion, taking place aboard the ‘Earache Express,’ a train car with the seats removed (pictured above). From The Strait Times:

“[Wormrot] were slightly disconcerted by the fact that they were playing to two different crowds – one on a level below the stage and another on the same level as the stage.

“Says Arif [Rot, vocalist]: ‘We were not quite sure how to perform to both crowds at the same time.’

“Says [drummer] Vijesh: ‘It was awesome. The audience was going nuts when we performed.’”

Hm. Kinda makes me wish the Earache Express was part of the MTA. Those long subway rides to Saint Vitus would definitely go by much faster with Wormrot tearin’ shit up.

You can read more about the performance here.

Thanks: Eli

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