Cross-Dressing Kawaii Metal Sensation Ladybeard (ex-Ladybaby) Returns with New Outfit Deadlift Lolita


In case you’re not already familiar with Ladybeard, the cross-dressing pro-wrestler and heavy metal singer from Australia who’s currently based in Japan… well, now you are! We covered Ladybeard’s J-Pop/metal outfit Ladybaby — together with two young Japanese girls — back in 2015 and marveled in its extreme strangeness… kinda like Babymetal, only weirder!

It seems Ladybaby has disbanded, but the group’s driving force is back with a new outfit called Deadlift Lolita, which he tells MetalSucks is a self-described Kawaiicore outfit that writes songs “about simultaneously being cute and lifting weights.” Japanese pro-wrestler and singer Reika Seiki stars alongside Ladybeard in the band, and their recently released video “Pump Up JAPAN” features several other Japanese wrestlers.

More to the point: the videos is just as fucknuts and fun as you’d expect given the description, and the song is SUPER catchy. Enjoy:

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