Wintersun Post Entire New Song “Awaken From the Dark Slumber”


Wintersun’s €750,000 new album The Forest Seasons is finally out.

OK, fine: that sentence is a bit unfair. That sum, almost 2/3rds of which has been successfully crowdfunded (!!!), allegedly also will cover funds to build an entire recording studio and record and release the band’s long-awaited album Time II.

It’s just difficult for me to take the whole thing seriously, because a) why do patient fans get this stop-gap album instead of Time II? b) we’ve been through so much song and dance (and little in the way of actual music) with Wintersun already, and c) THAT IS SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY, Jesus Christ.

In any case, the damn thing is out, and you can now hear a full song called “Awaken From the Dark Slumber” — which previously had been released only in parts (again, wtf — I get that it’s long, but c’mon) — below.

Aaaaand it sounds like Wintersun. Which is a good thing. I’ve always dug this band (although not to level of some of their fanatical followers… I just can’t with all the ongoing monetary and label drama). But anyway, yeah, the song: it’s very good!

Order The Forest Seasons here via Nuclear Blast.

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