Suicide Silence are Planning a 10th Anniversary Tour of The Cleaning


Redemption time: Suicide Silence will be hitting the road for a special tour before the year is out in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album The Cleansing.

Anniversary tours are all the rage these days so I’m not gonna claim this run is a desperate attempt for the band to win back fans they so violently offended with their experimental self-titled effort earlier this year… but the timing sure works out well, I’ll say that.

The band currently plays plenty of old material live so there’s no reason fans wanting to hear that stuff should skip out on their regular tour dates (except out of spite), but an album anniversary tour offers Suicide Silence the opportunity to make a definitive statement: “we’re playing ALL old stuff, and we’re doing it just for you guys. We still love you.”

In an interview with ArmyofOneTV (embedded below) in which he revealed the band’s touring plans (dates haven’t yet been announced), drummer Alex Lopez also stated that they’re already thinking about writing their next album:

“Right now, our plans for the future are to write. We’re definitely eager to get in the studio. We’ve got some festivals coming up. We’re playing the Warped Tour, and we’re playing Knotfest Mexico, we’re going to Ecuador… We’re just doing a bunch of small shows, and then we’re gonna do a tour later this year. It’s gonna be a ten-year ‘Cleansing’ tour, so it’s a ten-year run for our album ‘The Cleansing’. I think we’re gonna bring out some pretty cool bands, play the album for you and play some other stuff. So it should be really, really cool. I’m looking forward to it. And for those of you out there that want to see the first record be played live, come out and support. We’re gonna have a bunch of cool surprises for everyone.”

That, to me, is the more interesting storyline here: what’s the next record gonna sound like? Will the band continue on with the direction they forged on Suicide Silence, or will they revert to their more traditional deathcore, heavier sound? Guitarist Mark Heylmun recently indicated he wanted to “utilize what we did with this last one” on the next record, but stopped short of saying they’d continue full bore, instead offering “we probably are going to end up having some super-, super-heavy shit,” also. So we’ll see.

Anyway, we’ll post dates for The Cleansing run as soon as we’ve got ’em.

[via Lambgoat]

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