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Trent Reznor Kinda Regrets Swearing in His Lyrics

  • Axl Rosenberg


So Vulture has published this very long, in-depth, great Trent Reznor interview by David Marchese. If you’re a fan of Reznor’s — and, hey, who isn’t? — you should definitely read it. But even if, for some unimaginable reason, you don’t consume the entire thing, I think you’ll at least find this bit interesting. When asked what he’ll tell his kids when they inevitably ask about Nine Inch Nails songs like “Closer” and “Hurt,” Reznor responds:

“I’m not looking forward to the ‘Closer’ talk, which is probably going to happen quicker than I’d like. Just this morning, me and my two older boys were sitting in the hotel restaurant. Their mom has played the new EP for them a couple times. They’re like, ‘My favorite song is ‘Less Than’.’ That’s sweet, but then I’m thinking, Don’t I say ‘fuck’ in that one? Same thing when they were at sound check: What song don’t I say ‘fuck’ in? I’ll tell you another thing I think about: I’m now thrust into adult events — school things with other parents, and just … You’re not really thinking about how lyrics that seemed cool at the time are going to register with parents at your kid’s school 20 years later.”

Of course, this has in no way stopped Reznor from tossing around f-bombs — nor should it — but it’s still an interesting issue to have. I would imagine it’s a not-entirely uncommon problem not just for musicians, but for all sorts of artists. Reznor’s in an especially tough spot because he’s so, so very famous (as opposed to, say, Scott Hull, whose kids’ teachers have probably never even heard Pig Destroyer).

Still, it could be worse. It’s not as though he’s ever had to go a parent-teacher conference with an inverted cross burned into his forehead, so there’s that.

Read the entire interview here.

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