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Celtic Deity Gets a Better Name for SEO on Eluveitie’s “Lvgvs”


Eluveitie have released a new single, “Lvgvs.” If you’re like me, your first thought upon seeing that title is, “How the fuck do you pronounce that?” But I’m reasonably certain they actually mean ‘Lugus.’

And what or who is Lugus, you ask? From Wikipedia:

“Lugus was a deity of the Celtic pantheon. His name is rarely directly attested in inscriptions, but his importance can be inferred from place names and ethnonyms, and his nature and attributes are deduced from the distinctive iconography of Gallo-Roman inscriptions to Mercury, who is widely believed to have been identified with Lugus, and from the quasi-mythological narratives involving his later cognates, Welsh Lleu Llaw Gyffes (Lleu of the Skillful Hand) and Irish Lugh Lámhfhada (Lugh of the Long Arm).”

So basically they used the letter ‘v’ in place of the letter ‘u’ for search engine optimization. Not an entirely uncommon practice these days. If Lugus were real, he’d probably be a little insulted, but he’s not, so whatever.

But how is the actual song? Uh… who cares? I just wanted to get this whole “Lugus/Lvgvs” thing sorted out.

“Lvgvs” will appear on Eluveitie’s new album, Evocation II – Pantheon, which comes out August 18 on Nuclear Blast.

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