Fuck The Power Rangers, Give Us Phantom Excaliver


I’m not entirely sure what I just watched, but I know for a fact that it was good.

Phantom Excaliver are a Japanese metal band, and that’s all the information I have on them given that their website is almost completely in Japanese and, when translated, is strikingly incoherent. But holy fuck can they shred! Their lead guitarist has a gift and can lay out a solo so good it’ll make your deceased grandmother climax. Their frontman, Kacchang, can use so much of his throat and release such clear and open screams that I feel like I could understand him perfectly… if I knew Japanese.

Phantom Excaliver’s music videos are also magnificent. All of them are in the same tongue-in-cheek style, but holy shit, this one definitely takes the cake for the best and weirdest. I wish I knew Japanese just for the sake of understanding what the hell they’re trying to say in this video. I want to know everything. I need to get the most out of this video! It’s as if the Power Rangers and One Punch Man got together to make a movie and this is how it turned out. Hilarious is an understatement; a better word might be “masterpiece.”

This clip isn’t a music video; it’s an art film. Please enjoy.

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