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Satyricon Debut Title Track from New Album Deep Calleth Upon Deep

  • Axl Rosenberg


What the crap does the phrase “deep calleth upon deep” mean? Is it the tr00 kvlt equivalent of “game recognizes game”? Is it a reference to communication between fish? Perhaps it’s a common phrase amongst geologists?

Whatever the heck it means, it’s the name of the new Satyricon album, the title track for which has just been released. Although it’s definitely the less-exciting of new songs released by a prominent black metal band this morning, I can’t imagine Satyricon fans won’t dig it. Then again, I can’t imagine what “deep calleth upon deep” means, so fuck do I know?

Check out “Deep Calleth Upon Deep” the song below, courtesy of Invisible OrangesDeep Calleth Upon Deep the album comes out September 22 on Napalm, and can be pre-ordered here.

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