Dave Grohl Spotted in the Snake Pit at Metallica Show


Dave Grohl is a man of the people, a true music lover at heart. Deep down he just wants to be a fan of — and make music with, if possible — his musical heroes.

So it’s no surprise to learn that Grohl was spotted at Metallica’s recent show in Pasadena, CA amongst the plebeians in the “Snake Pit,” a special section carved out of the middle of the band’s stage for which mega-fans pay top dollar to see the band SUPER up-close. If you’ve ever wanted to taste James Hetfield’s sweat, the Snake Pit is probably your best chance.

Several fans snapped photos of Grohl, who graciously posed for selfies when asked, a few of which have been collected in the below comp:

Looks like Grohl had a great time up there. As well he should; he’s earned it! Just leave the man be to enjoy the spectacle of a Metallica show like the rest of us.

[Consequence of Sound via Metal Insider]

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