Tool Vinyl Remasters Coming Soon to a Record Player Near You?


As with all things related to Tool that involve future releases, take this news bit with a big, heaping spoonful of salt.

But: according to a Reddit user (red flag #1) who posted a screen cap of an alleged email with drummer Danny Carey (red flag #2), Tool are currently in the process of remastering all their albums for vinyl for release “in the near future.”

On the surface, it’s a more likely scenario than getting new music from the band: not a whole lot needs to be done on the band’s part to make this happen. Tool also recently announced they’d soon make their music available on streaming services. Perhaps it’s all part of a concerted effort to get the band’s catalogue up to date with the times.

Still… who the fuck knows. Check out the screen shot below and decide for yourself whether to get excited or not.

Tool Danny Carey email

[via Metal Injection]

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