Napalm Death Announce “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” Merch Sale to Benefit ACLU and SPLC


The President of the United States of America — and hence, the leader of the free world — refuses to let his thick, dense skull see the difference between white supremacists and those they persecute who have been screaming for their rights for centuries. There are no two ways about it: Trump is a racist. He is scum. A terrible human being. An absolute embarrassment to America and the entire world. Or, as he’d say… sad! That he won’t flat out condemn the violence this past weekend in Charlottesville is… I have no words.

Which is why a bunch of Brits are deciding to do something about it: legendary grindcore outfit Napalm Death — never ones to shy away from political controversy — have teamed up with Indie Merch for a special “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” merch sale, a reference, of course, to The Dead Kennedys. A special shirt has been designed just for the occasion — available in both short and long-sleeve models! — with $10 from every sale being donated to the American Civil Liberties Union and Southern Poverty Law Center (each will receive $5 per shirt sold).

I just bought one. You should do the same. Every dollar counts in the fight against hatred, bigotry and domestic terrorism. Order here.

Thanks: Karim

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