Architects Frontman Sam Carter Calls Out Crowd Groper


I’m not particularly familiar with British metalcore band Architects, but if their reaction to a  groping incident yesterday at their performance at Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands is any indication, they’re pretty solid dudes. It seems as though a male crowd member took it upon himself to grope the breast of a female fan crowd-surfing during the set, and as you can see in the following clip, frontman Sam Carter wasn’t having any of it.



I wish I could say I’m surprised that this is still happening in 2017, but in this era of “grab her by the pussy” ethics it only seems more and more common to hear horror stories of women getting sexually assaulted in every day life and at shows. While I understand why Carter was reluctant to point out the groper due to potential crowd violence, I really would have enjoyed watching that dude get his face bloodied so he couldn’t enjoy the rest of the show. I’ve been on the receiving end of plenty of groping and unwanted advances, and the men doing this shit are almost always numb to any kind of reasonable discourse. Endless hails to everyone out there calling out bullshit when they see it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be listening to my first Architects album.


h/t The PRP

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