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Here’s a New Ensiferum Song “Way of the Warrior”


Ensiferum - Two PathsWe’re getting into solar eclipse territory here in NYC! It’s weirdly dim outside. I made one of those cereal box pinhole viewers, and amazingly it actually works — a perfect image of the current state of the sun is projected onto the bottom with the moon steadily obscuring it. I’m so tempted to just look up at the sky! Must… resist.

If this morning’s “Ultimate Metal Solar Eclipse” playlist wasn’t enough for you, try this new Ensiferum jam on for size. It’s epic (it’s Ensiferum, so no surprises there), and you can just imagine that the lyrics are about the power of the sun over us all instead of about battle or raping and pillaging or Norse gods or whatever. It follows previously released single “For Those About to Fight for Metal,” released last month, from Ensiferum’s forthcoming new album.

Two Paths comes out on September 15th via Metal Blade; pre-order here.

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