Video: Blöödhag Vocalist Throws Coffee on Conservative Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones


In the below video posted by Alex Jones on Twitter [via Decibel], the conservative conspiracy theorist is standing on a Seattle street corner going on and on about the media conspiracy to defend Muslims (excuse me… “Jihadis”) and the nefarious plots by worldwide (excuse me… “globalist”) bankers to intentionally plunge the stock market. Business as usual.

At the 3:40 mark, a passerby fed up with Jones’s bullshit confronts him… and that passerby happens to be a member of the metal community, BlöödHag singer Jake Stratton! Stratton calls Jones “trash,” some heated words are exchanged, and Stratton throws coffee in Jones’ face… it’s glorious!

Stratton isn’t the only person to confront Jones throughout the duration of this clip; someone else gets in his face at the 2:20 mark as well. Are these kind of confrontations typical of Jones’s videos? It almost seems as if he’s begging for the attention.

BlöödHag broke up in 2010, but below the video of the Alex Jones incident we’ll embed their 2005 release Mecca / Meddle. Enjoy both in good health, preferably with a piping hot cup of coffee in hand.

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