Video: Black Metal Parodies of Pop Songs


“What if Adele’s ‘Hello’ were made into a black metal song?” I hear you asking every time the megahit comes on in your annoying little cousin’s car. “Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ sure could use a bit more frosty grimness,” you exclaim to your buddy whilst in the yogurt aisle of the supermarket. “Yeah, and I would love Katy Perry if only she utilized tremolo picking,” your friend replies.

You’re in luck: Woods of Trees — the very talented, blackened YouTubers who’ve put out videos such as “Black Metal in the Desert,” “Black Metal Busking in Prague” and a black metal version of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” — have put together a compilation video featuring grim, frosty versions of some of today’s biggest pop songs. In addition to the three mentioned in the above paragraph, Justin Bieber, Megan Trainor, Miley Cyrus and more get the black metal treatment.

Watch below, and subscribe to Woods of Trees on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2mFYdUc

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